Cyberkalki Security Services

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Types of Cyber Security Services Offered

Open Source Intelligence Training & Services

  • Business Threat Reconnaissance : For Corporate & investors

  • Criminal Profile Recon : For LEA

  • Fraud, Scam & threat group based OSINT Research

  • Organized crime & terror groups based OSINT Research

Threat Intelligence Training & Services

  • Threat Intelligence Attack Surface Detection

  • Threat Feeds Advisory Automation

  • Threat Attack Simulation Assessment

  • Threat IOC and SIEM Use case Support

OT / ICS Security Assessment

  • On-site Physical Security Assessment

  • OT Vulnerability Assessment

  • OT Penetration testing

  • Threat IOC and SIEM Use case Support

Application Security Assessment

  • DAST: Dynamic application Security Assessment

  • Rest / Websocket API Security Assessment

  • Architecture Security Assessment

  • Static Code review Security

  • Open source dependency Scanning

  • GDPR / PCI DSS/ ISO based Review

On-Demand Firewall Audit Assurance

  • Firewall Rule Review

  • Configuration Review as per security best practices

  • Compliance Violations

  • Risky rogue services

  • Non-standard authentication mechanisms

  • Log outputs from security devices

  • Firewall Access Matrix Development and Review

On-Demand Cloud Security Audit

  • Multi-cloud security threat intelligence report

  • Building roadmap to align with best practice frameworks (CSA CCM/CIS/NIST/ISO)

  • Maximum return on security investment (ROSI)

  • Business, legal and regulatory compliance

  • Competitive advantage

  • Enhanced reputation and customer trust

  • Reduction in the frequency of audits

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