Cyberkalki Security Services

There’s no denying the growing presence of cyber attacks, is a big problem for people, society, enterprise to high-end industrial networks and infrastructure systems at large.

Backed by years of expertise, we at Cyberkalki Security understand the significance of privacy, data security as well as confidentiality, integrity and sometimes how much availability matters to some companies . So, we’ve worked extensively with Industrial organisations, government houses, private corporations , academics & independent researchers in order to build different sets of expert analyst & researchers to provide our customers with world class revolutionary services, product & training to make it simple for organization to adapt with ever changing security threats paradigm . We aim to streamline the process of maintaining and updating the client's cyber security risk appetite leading organization with a roadmap & framework to emerge as security-first company within their business domain.

Accelerate Security with trust model ! We know how to protect You !

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Cyberkalki Security is founded and led by a blackhat-turned-greyhat hackers with deep cybersecurity experience. We’re changing the paradigm of Industrial Operational Technology (OT) Networks & OSINT domain with a next generation platform, services and mix of state-of-the art training that provides industry graded security knowledge, TTP & platforms . We also offer wide range of threat intelligence, pentesting and configuration compliance services. Get to know us. We’re glad you’re here.

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